Behind The Drive Book Launch

December 1, 2015 • Books • Views: 3183

So proud of Brett! Book launch party last night for “Behind The Drive.” Brett was the Project Manager/Executive Editor for this wonderful book of 99 inspiring stories from the life of Larry H. Miller. The book was put on the fast track to be published which meant Brett spent many nights staying up till 3am to help shape stories and finalize the manuscript. Now, that time and effort is paying off.

It’s great to see Brett be a part of such an uplifting book. We are so glad thathe has found a great connection working with Bryan Miller and the fantastic people at Miller Inspiration.

If you think you knew everything about Larry H. Miller, this book may enlighten you on all the acts of service, big and small, that he somehow found time for while running a billion dollar company. Contributors include David Stern, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, Karl Malone, Jon Huntsman Jr, Rabbi Benny Zippel and more.

Click here for additional stories and articles written by Brett Hullinger. 

Jennifer Greyson RasmussenJennifer Greyson Rasmussen WOOT! SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!! Way to go!
 Brett Hullinger Coming from you, writing diva, that means a lot.
Angela BaileyAngela Bailey Awesome job Brett!!

Brett Hullinger Thanks Angela! I appreciate it.

Cindy J WellsCindy J Wells Way cool!

Brett Hullinger Thank you Cindy!

Donna PackardDonna Packard CONGRATS… WHOOP!

Brett Hullinger Thanks Donna!

Tami BurtonTami Burton Congratulations on a job well done.

Brett Hullinger Thanks Tami!

Phill BradshawPhill Bradshaw Well done Brett, hopefully your book makes it to Australia.

Brett Hullinger Thanks Phill. How about I hand-deliver a copy. Trade a copy for a night’s stay?

Phill BradshawPhill Bradshaw That would be great!!
Ric RiccobonoRic Riccobono Awesome… so happy for you Brett… nice words wifey…. he’s making anyone that know him proud… now I’ve got to get a copy of that book… thanks for sharing and all the best Brett and Brett Tamara Kellen Blake,,, and family!!!

Brett Hullinger Thank you Ric. All the best to you guys as well.

Andy Karen MunroAndy Karen Munro Well done Brett and all the family 

Hopefully it will get down to NZ sometime soon

Brett Hullinger Thanks Andy and Karen. I need to convince someone that we need a NZ book tour. On motorbikes of course.

Julie Wright- LeggettJulie Wright- Leggett How wonderful!

Brett Hullinger Thank you Julie!

George GreciaGeorge Grecia Congrats Big Red

Brett Hullinger Thanks Fresh. The hair is brown by the way. BROWN.

George Grecia redish tint in there somewhere
Brett HullingerBrett Hullinger Now if I could just carry a tune, my kids would think I’m really cool.
Camm WillenerCamm Willener Well you can’t have it all I’m told……
Tom WilsonTom Wilson · Friends with Brett Hullinger and 13 others
Balki – way to go buddy! Proud of you!

Brett Hullinger Thanks coach. I appreciate it.

Rosemary HullingerRosemary Hullinger Congrats Brett.
Brett HullingerBrett Hullinger Thank you Rosemary!
Alison Bracken NewkirkAlison Bracken Newkirk Congratulations!!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Alison!
Jodi HullingerJodi Hullinger Well done! I’m so proud if you and hope you had a great time at the launch party!!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks sis. The party was great, fun way to follow up the awesome week at your place.
Brett HullingerBrett Hullinger Thank you Ruthanne!
Randy ReeseRandy Reese You look like your dad’s twin.
Brett HullingerBrett Hullinger Lucky him.
Lynda Bingham ChynowethLynda Bingham Chynoweth Congratulations, Brett! Look forward to reading your book.
 Brett Hullinger Thank you Lynda!
Miquelle Scheidle SmithMiquelle Scheidle Smith Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it smile emoticon
 Brett Hullinger Thank you Miquelle!
Congratulation what a great chapter in your life
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Ike! Good to hear from you. Hope all’s well.
Things are good you have a lovely family.
Judith James HagersonJudith James Hagerson Congratulations, Brett. So nice to have a writer in the family, and such an accomplished one, as well.
Brett Hullinger Thank you Judy!
Way to go Brett! Can’t wait to read it.

Brett Hullinger Thanks Christina. Hope all’s well with you.

Graeme RobbGraeme Robb Congrats Budjob done  Sounds a great temperature for a beer
Brett Hullinger …or 2 or 3. I still have some Budweisers that you guys left behind so you’re welcome to come back and finish them off.
Carolyn James AllenCarolyn James Allen So happy for your great accomplishment Brett. Looking forward to reading the book.
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Aunt Carolyn. We appreciate all the support that your family gives to ours.
DeAnn James HullingerDeAnn James Hullinger Nice job Brett! Always knew you could write. You know I’ve been a fan since day 1! Love you.
Brett Hullinger You’re the bomb mom. Love you, too. Oh, and please pay your fan club dues immediately.
DeAnn James HullingerDeAnn James Hullinger It’s in the mail:)
Katie Moses MerrickKatie Moses Merrick So rad! I will totally read it! Didn’t even know you were working on this book. So exciting for you I am sure.
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Katie. And it’s totally boss that you use rad. I thought I was the only cool person…
Katie Moses MerrickKatie Moses Merrick There is only a few of us cool people still out there…dying breed. Haha.
Colin MaddocksColin Maddocks Congratulations Brett and all concerned. These are major projects….
Brett Hullinger Thank you Colin. And an emphasis on “all concerned” because it was definitely a team effort.
Julee HagersonJulee Hagerson AWESOME!!!!!!!
 Brett Hullinger What’s a guy gotta do to earn that 8th exclamation point? I promise I’ll do better next time Jules.
Kris Abel MairKris Abel Mair Congratulations Brett!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Kris! Just trying to keep up with the cool Bret(t)’s of the world.
Very Cool!!
 Brett Hullinger Thank you Deborah!
Carma Lee Hodges CorraCarma Lee Hodges Corra Good for you, Brett!!! You are a great writer – I always loved your magazine articles when you mom shared them with me. Bravo!!!
Brett Hullinger Thank you Carma. And I recall reading your articles in the GR Star and thinking, “Hey, I know a writer!”
Kathy SquiresKathy Squires Incredible. You are doing what you love. Congratulations.

Brett Hullinger Couldn’t do it without all the help you give us around here!

Karen SquiresKaren Squires Great talent-great smile-great guy
Brett Hullinger Thanks for all you support Karen!
Tricia LoTricia Lo Congrats Brett!!! Job well done!
 Brett Hullinger Thank you Tricia!
Kelli Allen IsaksonKelli Allen Isakson What a great accomplishment!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Kelli!
Donny JonesDonny Jones So awesome brett, very cool , and congrats !!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Donny! Great to hear from you.
Brett HullingerBrett Hullinger Thanks everyone for the nice comments and encouragement. And thanks Tamara #rockstarwife for always cheerleading (and often just plain leading) and for being the best in-house PR firm money can buy. (Put it on my tab.) At least half of the nice things See More
Richelle Rawlings-CarrollRichelle Rawlings-Carroll That is awesome!! As Jazz fans, we will be adding that to our collection!! Congrats!
 Brett Hullinger Thanks Richelle. Go Jazz!
Brett Hullinger Thanks Jason. Are you doing the indoor farmer’s market at the Rio Grande? The boys played there last Saturday but we didn’t see you. Hope all’s well!
Jeff BrackenJeff Bracken Nice work cuz! I’m going to read that one.
Brett Hullinger Thanks Jeff. If you’re a billionaire by the time you’re done reading it, I will have done my job! And if you’re already a billionaire, I’ll be sending you my Christmas wish list.
Cristene Fiannes WyndCristene Fiannes Wynd Nice work! I live a few houses from the house LHM grew up in. Coincidentally, my mother used to walk home from high school with him. Congrats!
Brett Hullinger Thanks Cristene!
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