Have Visas, Will Travel!

January 28, 2015 • Destinations • Views: 1654

It’s official…have Visas, will travel.
We have our travel documents from Corina at All Points Travel and all things are a GO!
A friend referred me to Corina. When I first contacted her a few months ago, I told her we needed help with hatching a plan to get our family to New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Tahiti to connect with families who wanted to host us in these areas. We wanted to explore new ways to reach out on our quest to offer free family fitness globally.  And…I said, by the way… “It all needs to happen with a very tight budget.” 🙂
I am sure she thought I was pretty crazy, but she was game and ready for the challenge. After 45 minutes of talking we were about to finish our first phone call, when she says “Wait a minute…is your Mom Kathy Squires? I used to take dance from her at the University of Utah and her daughter was only about 12 years old, and took the class with us. Is that you???” Then everything clicked, because I totally remembered her too when she told me her last name.
And the rest is history. I re-connected and re-made a wonderful friend who happens to be top notch in the travel business! And lucky me…she is a DANCER who specializes in travel for dancers and dance teams. What a fabulous fit for us! I am so lucky to have found her again. Just ANOTHER amazing coincidence that falls in line with all the other “coincidences” we have experienced as we plan this adventure.
Her company All Points Travel has been so essential in this whole process. We are flying a bit by the seat of our pants for this trip (and giving Corina somewhat of a heart attack that we don’t have everything booked in advance). But we know we have to go with the flow on this tour and be open to where and when the road takes us. And I must say how incredible it is to know Corina has our back in case we get in a bind. Anytime we find a hole in our travel between host families, Corina has been swooping in to help us plan other options.
All Points Travel is a dream to work with and I highly recommend them, just like my friend did for me.
Thanks Corina!! You are definitely a FFR ROCKSTAR!!
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  1. Corina says:

    So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see the posts and updates about your adventures! Happy Travels …

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