Matakana New Zealand

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Matakana, New Zealand in a day. We are staying at the Matakana Motel. It is modern, cool and clean. First thing in the morning, we get in the usual hours of work for Brett and I along with math, reading and writing schoolwork for Blake and Kellen. Then we extend our education to include the arts and hands on science as we explore the world around us.

Our full day begins at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, which is exquisite. Taking a few hours to view sculptures as you hike along the forest in such a beautiful setting is magical. This is a must!


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Next up the boys snorkeled at Goat Island, a marine reserve. It has detailed information boards to learn all about the area which is an excellent learning tool. The boys will be writing up an assignment with photos to share with their classmates back in Utah.

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After snorkeling, we drove to Omaha beach. On the way you can stop at the Dough Puncher for some nummy eats and mini golf. It closes at 3pm. On this gorgeous beach is where the boys got in their fitness body surfing and collecting shells up and down the shore. Brett jogged the shoreline for his workout and I took a nap on the sand.

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Last, we ended the day at Tawaharanui Open Sanctuary. We barely got their before it would be dark. We had the beach to ourselves. Exploring a cave. Not another soul around. It felt like we were on a deserted island…a true Fit Family Robinson Adventure!

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Such a happy day. Full of education, adventure, fun and connection.

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  1. karen says:

    What a wonderful place to kick back and enjoy life. What kind of science are you doing here? I’m sure there’s many options.
    Miss you all…..hugs to everyone.
    Love, Karen

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