Infinity Science Center – Great Family Stop

January 22, 2016 • Education • Views: 3278

While driving through Mississippi from New Orleans, we stopped at the Infinity Science Center. It was awesome! It is definitely a cool place to check out. We also took the bus tour from the center to NASA’s second largest rocket testing station in the U.S.A. They had a huge concrete/metal/steel/iron structure by the Infinity Center called Stennis Space Center. It had enough concrete in it to make a sidewalk all the way from Mississippi to Tennessee! Well, it was so huge and bulky, I believe them! When we got back from our tour, we did an airplane simulation. Okay, I’ve got a question for you. What do you think would be the scariest thing in the world? Being on my airplane. I crashed into Taco Bell! I am definitely NOT a pilot! After I learned that, we went and made paper airplanes and tried to fly them through hoops. None of us could do it. Next up, two nice guides – Donna and Tricia (dressed like rocket scientists) had our family do an Astronaut Training Test. First we did timed fitness challenges all in a row, like sit ups, burpees, push ups and planks. I thought doing the balance board was fun and I could do it the best because I have a Bongo Balance Board at home that I stand on while I watch TV. Then we had to try to put a puzzle together using thick gloves and it was hard! It’s supposed to simulate an astronaut repairing something out in space. My brother Kellen did the puzzle in only 5 minutes and 23 seconds…which was above average since it usually takes people about 8 to 11 minutes to finish it. Guess he could be an astronaut when he grows up!

Check out our Kid 2 Kid video on our Bromentum channel. The front desk people at Infinity Science Center told us they are adding more exhibits this summer. I hope I get to go back and visit again!
– Blake
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