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January 21, 2016 • Education • Views: 2741

While in New Orleans, Blake and I had the best “hands on” history lesson/adventure. We went to the World War II Museum and learned so much. We arrived just in time to see the movie “Beyond All Boundaries.” It was a 4D movie, narrated by Tom Hanks that had props and stuff that rose up from the floor. It felt like we were a part of the movie and experiencing WWII. It was an awesome way to learn. I highly recommend students watch this movie to understand more about the history of WWII.

Our favorite building was the U.S. Freedom Pavilion. You can climb 4 stories high to view the planes on display. Be ready for lots of stairs! All throughout the museum there are interactive computers that make the experience feel realistic. 
We also got I.D cards that had a picture of a dog tag on it. You can register your card on computer stations throughout the museum to get a real personal military story from the war. I got a man named William Lansford. It made it interesting to follow along, especially in the Campaigns of Courage building. We spent over 4 hours at the museum and easily could have spent more time, there is so much to explore and learn. This experience gave my brother and I the feeling that we are safe in our country because of the men and women who faught  for us and our freedom. It gave us deep appreciation for their sacrifice. We hope all students and people interested in learning about WWII history make the trip to this museum.
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