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December 28, 2015 • Fitness • Views: 3219

Fit Family Robinson is featured in the January, 2016 issue of Draper Lifestyle Magazine. (The boys are on the cover, hanging from a signpost at the southern tip of New Zealand.) We are so grateful of our wonderful community for embracing us with such love and support. Great article by Linnea Lundgren. Thanks Draper Magazine for highlighting all the wonderful things that Draper has to offer!

We have many inquiring what exactly is Fit Family Robinson, so here’s a little of the Why, What and How we do what we do as Fit Family Robinson:

We are a real family: two kids, a mortgage and a 20-year marriage that has seen its ups and downs but has endured thanks to a solid friendship that began when we were 2 and 1 year old. Recently, we took a leap of faith, jumped off the daily grind hamster wheel and took action to live our real dreams. And living those dreams comes with plenty of trial and error and everyday family issues. We don’t aim for perfection (with diet, workouts, parenting, or anything else), we simply try our best to live a more connected, happy and healthy life.

Fit Family Robinson is not our name, it is a mindset, a philosophy, a way of life. A simple daily mantra for us is ‘Water, Walk, Connect.’ Basically, drink mostly water, walk more places and connect with people, because relationships are crucial to overall well-being. Connection is really what life is all about.

That spirit of adventure fuels us. We enjoy travel and value the accelerated learning it provides us and our children. Our trips have been life-changing. We love watching our sons explore the world around them, becoming self-reliant, opening their minds to other cultures, meeting new people and making lifelong friends. We are grateful that while they are getting a hands-on education, they are still able to connect to their school by creating kid-to-kid educational videos and writing blog posts. We attend a charter school which embraces our approach to learning. On the road, our 3rd and 6th grader keep up on traditional studies. They maintain direct contact with their teachers, classrooms and school administrators to stay on course. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our blog is a practical way of documenting our life (the good and bad). But more than that, it is for anyone willing to embrace the Fit Family Robinson mindset. We are a free resource, creating a network for others who want to explore healthy and fun ways to stay connected. We share activities, attractions, food and fun that we discover on our journey. And we do it with an eye on fitness. We like to say that the world is your gym. Fitness to us is not just the hour you spend working out. It is the choices you make minute by minute as you move through life. Whether on a remote island or in a backyard, anyone can jump on board to experience a Fit Family Robinson adventure!

In short, we love travel and adventure. We love health and fitness. We love learning about the world. We love family above all.

The result: Fit Family Robinson.

Draper Lifestyle Magazine COVER

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