Go Beyond Reading Island of The Blue Dolphins, Explore the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Mission

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Kellen: 100%

Blake: 100%

Mom & Dad: 100%

Island of the Blue Dolphin

Total Score 100%

The Channel Islands were the coolest place I’ve ever been so far. The story Island of the Blue Dolphins was on those islands. We had to take a boat out there. My little brother puked on the deck close to the end of the ride. The boat rocked a ton the whole way there. Every one was feeling it. Once we finally got off the boat things went a little bit smoother. Since we didn’t get to go kayaking we went on a hike. Two adventure guides went on the hike with us their names were Adam and Ry. They were super nice and they told us all about the nature. The coolest find was a blue scrub jay. They also showed us an island fox found only there. The boat ride back wasn’t as bad as the way there because the sea was way calmer. I loved that so much I wish I could do it again.

The lone woman of San Nicholas Island

Juana Maria (Wana marEa if you don’t know Spanish) was the lone woman of San Nicholas Island was stranded there for 18 years! The island was off the coast of Santa Barbara. Her tribe was taken back to the mainland leaving her because she went looking for her baby so they left with out her making a plan to come back. They however did not come back because the ship was needed elsewhere. They finally went back years later and didn’t find her until 3 trips to the island. Then they brought her to the mainland and she was very kind but she got ill and died 7 weeks after being on the mainland.


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