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February 11, 2015 • Fitness • Views: 1653


This lovely lady, Penny, hired me over 20 years ago to teach master classes in Honolulu. She still looks exactly the same!  I was 23 yrs old and had decided to take a year off from my career to do volunteer work traveling the globe. My first stop was Hawaii before heading to Australia (a very similar route I now travel with my little family). Months later she hired me again as I passed through Hawaii on my way to Canada.


I love working with Penny, her daughter Febray and now her granddaughters too! Teaching master classes and choreographing for her dance company is a joy! Looking forward to more classes today and the Fit Family event!!



Such an amazing day! Started at the crack of dawn with a tour of Pearl Harbor. It was a very moving experience. We were able to met a survivor and the boys filmed a Kid2Kid educational video that we will post soon.

Later in the day, I taught additional master classes. So fun having my boys in class and helping. (Check out Penny and I, we both showed up dressed alike yet again. LOL!)


The Fit Family event was a blast!! It was held at the Saint Andrew’s Priory school. It was a beautiful time connecting with other families on Honolulu. We were all dripping sweat by the end…such a great, FUN workout. All ages participated, from my little “princess in pink” 2 year old (see her photo below) to Grandparents.


The Fit Family Willener​’s (who used to live in Utah, but are from Hawaii) came to the class. After, they invited us to their home for an incredible evening of great conversation, fabulous food (at Cha Cha Cha in Hawaii Kai) and an amazing jam music session that included Blake on ukulele and piano, Kellen on guitar and Camm on the drums, harmonica and lead ukulele. Camm taught Blake a new song on his ukulele called Hawaiian Superman. I haven’t ever seen my sons be able to just jam out and riff along. Camm, Mr. Lead Singer, made up lyrics, singing a song he titled “10 hour Trip.” It was the best.

The Willener’s live right on the water and taking a boat to and from the restaurant was the mode of transport. On the way back, Blake kicked back on the boat with his arms behind his head saying, “This is the LIFE!” I laughed so hard…and could not agree more Blakey!!

We didn’t want the night to end. Too bad it was a school night and the Willener’s, who had to be up at 5:30am. We ending the evening receiving the coolest gifts handmade by Janene from her J Designs line, which is sold in Hawaii, CA and the Caribbean. Trucker hats and beach bags made with vintage Hawaiian fabric she has been collecting for years. Kellen can’t stop telling me “mom, I love my hat. I love my hat.” 🙂

ALOHA!! Hope to return soon. Not enough time on Oahu. 🙂

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