No Need for the gym – Family Park Workout in Florida

February 26, 2016 • Fitness, Free Family Fitness Videos • Views: 3356

Family Park Workout. No need for a gym, just enjoy connecting & playing at the park for some awesome happy fitness when traveling!
-Walk to the park (if possible). Arts Park was only a few blocks from our apartment/hotel in downtown Hollywood, FL. Love it!
-10 minute cardio workout. YOUR CHOICE: The kids played on the playground. Brett jogged and I, of course danced.
-10 minute lower body exercises. We lunge walked around the perimeter of the playground. 20 lunges on the right. 20 lunges on the left. Jump squats and single leg knee lunge lift with arms pulling down. 30 burn slow squats in wide stance.
-5 minute cardio fun. Everyone played on the playground for all body cardio workout.
-15 to 20 minute stretch. Turned on some tunes and worked flexibility with dynamic stretching.
-Cool down in the splash pad! (if warm weather, of course )
Enjoy your family, enjoy your travel, enjoy your workouts!!


Family Workout at Arts Park in Hollywood, FL

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