Soup Can Workout

July 22, 2015 • Destinations, Fitness • Views: 2432

Check out our “gym” equipment from this weekend. No internet, no cell service. That’s what goes down when we head to the family cabin/lodge in Ophir. It can be the best space for incredible conversations and to really get the creative juices flowing. So we turned our recent 4-day stay into an intense book writing retreat for Brett and I, while our sons worked on some serious music day and night. They were practicing songs, as well as learning and creating new ones for their upcoming BroBand concert. The boys also got in quite a bit of fun playing outside and movie watching (Harry Potter marathon). On Day 3, we wanted to do a family friendly workout that would focus on chest, shoulders and triceps. I really wanted to get a sweat going and experience something fun and engaging. (The day before I had tried to get in a good workout on my own, but my brain was just running wild with thoughts about the book and it was quite unsatisfactory. I needed to shake it up.)
I jumped in with some serious gusto to create a killer playlist everyone would dig on. We had to be inside because it was stormy outside. We didn’t have any resistance bands or hand weights, so we improvised. It turned out GREAT! However, it didn’t start out well. First of all I made the big mistake of telling my boys they could start a movie while I got everything set up. So pulling them away from their show to come work out went over about as well as me telling them they had a dentist appointment. Their heads bowed and lips pouted. Yes, even my little “fit family robinson” boys are not always on board to do a family workout. But, I had awesome music pumping and after they realized they were going to use soup cans for weights, and that Brett and I were using bottles of cleaning products for our lifting, they started to perk up and have fun. At first Blake thought his little cans of soup were soooo light and kind of silly…yet little did he know that when you do super sets you don’t need much weight to start feeling the burn. 🙂
“WHOA! This is hard Mom!”
Everyone contributed to new cardio moves…especially Kellen when his favorite songs came on. We got creative just using the room we had and in the end we all were sweaty and smiling. Kellen said “Mom, this was awesome AND interesting.”
It was proof that you don’t need a lot of time, equipment, or space to get in a workout.
“The World Is Your Gym!”

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