Fit Family Robinson in St Louis!

December 12, 2014 • Fitness • Views: 1849

Had an incredible time in St. Louis! Traveling as the Fit Family Robinson is a dream. It was a blast filming with my boys and documenting fun family fitness & food all around the city! Brett and I are working on getting up all our Fit Family Robinson adventures and making our FREE family fitness videos available from the past 6 months soon, soon, soon. 

And bringing TAMJAMS for the 18th time to St. Charles made my heart soar. Both of  my sons took the convention at PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE for the first time and have fallen in love with TAP & BALLET. They loved taking class from such incredible master teachers, Tiffany Leise and Densil Adams. My boys got their first set of tap shoes thanks to Tracy Davenport and they are OVER THE MOON! Thank you Tracy! They think it is so cool they got to go to dinner and meet your son Anthony who performed with Tap Dogs

The first thing they wanted to unpack last night from their luggage was their tap shoes so they could work out some rhythms they learned during class. They were talking about how much they liked watching the older students perform tap at the JAM SESSION and how much they want to learn to tap dance. 

Thanks Tiffany and everyone at PAC for inspiring my boys to be fired up about TAP!!

Watching my boys eyes light up and get totally excited about many different styles of dance is priceless (jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, musical theater, dance fitness, etc). Having my boys love and appreciate the art of dance, something that I live and breath each day, is a joy beyond measure. SO HAPPY!!!

More details on the trip and free videos uploaded soon!

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