Best Dad Ever!

March 10, 2015 • Couple Connection, Life • Views: 1657

Happy Birthday to my Man. He is the most tender-hearted bad ass I know. He would do absolutely ANYTHING for his family. At a gathering, you may mistake him for the quietest guy in the room until you suddenly realize, he is the funniest. He has kept me laughing for over 20 years.

We have known each other since before we could eat solid food and he hooked me with his writing when we created a pen pal friendship writing back and forth in our late teen years, just out of high school. But it would be the letter he wrote to me in 1992 while I was experiencing my first trip to Australia that would seal the deal. He shared his true feelings for me, for the first time, in a letter that would eventually travel around the globe as it kept missing me on my travel adventure, finally being hand delivered from someone coming to Utah from Canada in 1993. 

As our story goes…his letter brought us together and after 40 years of knowing one another, it would be another letter that was set to tear us apart. It is with great love, respect and happiness that I can be gracious of the fork in the road we faced that caused us to WAKE UP and live life in new ways.

I love this photo of Brett on the beach in New Zealand. Classic…it is him, watching over his two boys, his most favorite thing to do in the world. And check out those biceps! oh la la! still makes me weak in the knees.


The birthday card I found for him over 3 months ago while we were in Santa Barbara for our wedding renewal ceremony (packed and ready for this day) says:

Herman Melville

Happy Birthday Brett. Thank you for the rejuvenation and belief that all things are possible. Your light draws me to you.

You are my TRUE PLACE.

Wrap me up in those strong arms and let us fly forever towards our dreams.

Love you,




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