Did You Guys Win the Lottery?

February 13, 2015 • Life, Rockstars • Views: 1799

A couple days ago we were describing our trip to a guy we met—10 weeks, from Utah to Hawaii to New Zealand to Australia to New Zealand to Tahiti to L.A. and back to Utah—and he said, “Did you win the lottery?”

Yes. Last year I won $1.00 in the California Powerball lottery. But I blew the whole thing on a Big Gulp, and had none of it left to fund the trip.

So, it is happening because of 2 things:
1) Our Rock Stars
2) My wife Tamara, the amateur professional travel agent

Here’s the deal. We couldn’t afford to do this without help. This would be easy if we had unlimited resources to travel where we please. That’s not us. We’re a typical family, and we have to get creative finding ways to bring free fitness to families while traveling and educating our kids. That’s where the FFR Rock Stars come in. The following amazing people have given their time, or offered discounted or free accommodations, donated miles, donated timeshare points or contributed funds to the cause. Check out the partial list below and on our website. The list keeps on growing as we tour. The world is full of great people. Tamara and I are grateful we continually meet people who give us support in so many amazing ways as we make this journey. It is an uplifting experience to say the least.

Acord Family – USA (Utah)
Simons Family – USA (Utah)
Bailey Family – USA (Utah)
Young Family – USA (Hawaii)
Saint Andrew’s Priory – USA (Hawaii)
Kathy Squires – USA (Utah)
Hullinger Family – USA (Idaho)
Summit Academy – USA (Utah)
Karen Squires – USA (Utah)
Robb Family – NEW ZEALAND
All Points Travel – USA (Utah)
Munro Family – NEW ZEALAND
Wilson Family – NEW ZEALAND
Shearer Family – NEW ZEALAND
Draper Family – NEW ZEALAND
Anderson Family – NEW ZEALAND
Clark Family – NEW ZEALAND
Stott Family – NEW ZEALAND
Maddocks Family – AUSTRALIA (Sunshine Coast)
Moses Family – USA (California)
Allen – USA (California)
Willies Family – USA (California)
Ginanni Family – USA (California)
Willener Family – USA (Hawaii)

The other reason is that Tamara, who has booked travel for our company, TAMJAMS, for 18 years, pulled out all the stops on this one. By spending countless hours on the computer, and working every airline combo imaginable, found an airline ticket for $1,480.00 for Honolulu, Auckland, Sydney, Christchurch, Tahiti, LAX. By constantly tweaking departure and arrival dates, airlines, routes, cities, times, and so on, she pulled off a miracle. The tickets jumped as high as $11,000 with the change of just a few variables. It took much effort, but so worth it. In a future post on FitFamilyRobinson.com, Tamara will break down, in complete detail, exactly how she figured out the “tricks” to make it all come together. It will be available free to blog subscribers, so be sure to sign up for the FitFamilyRobinson newsletter.

Figuring out such a low fare for our main airline ticket along with having families willing to help/host us as we journey the globe has truly made this possible. In addition, working with Corina At All Points Travel team to have our back to help us tie things together whenever necessary has been wonderful. We appreciate them very much.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and everyone we’ve met so far who have helped encouraged us to keep going.

Happy travels!

– Brett

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