Old New Borrowed Blue

February 14, 2015 • Couple Connection, Life • Views: 2023


Old – A friendship of more than 40 years.
New – A commitment to each other and to living our dreams.
Borrowed – Four towels from the hotel. (Sorry Sandpiper Lodge.)
Blue – The ocean, the sky, and our lips. (Thanks, arctic cold front.)

What a difference a year makes. We came to Hendry’s beach at the end of 2013 with our relationship on the line (that’s a story for another day). Now, on the last day of 2014, after a year of soul-searching and re-connecting, we stood on the same beach in Santa Barbara, CA and renewed our vows.

Kellen officiated. Blake was the ring bearer. A seagull bore witness. Perfect.

Our re-commitment was not only to each other, but to pursuing the dreams that we’d shelved while going through the motions of (mid)life. During our many deep conversations over the past year, Fit Family Robinson was born. The idea captured our desire to travel, experience other cultures and open the world to our boys by educating them “on the ground.” It also encapsulated our desire to pursue things that keep us active, healthy and off the couch. Most importantly, it was born of a desire to help other families connect with each other and the world while living happy, healthy and fit.

Six weeks later, here we are in Auckland, New Zealand on Valentine’s Day, in the middle of a 10-week international trip.


Over 20 years ago, Brett filled my apartment with balloons, popped out of a box and asked me to be by his side and love him for all our days to come. He filled up my studio with balloons last summer and asked me again. We sealed the deal with Star Wars rings and our boys officiating in Santa Barbara, CA.

Now we are living the dream and traveling the world with our little family. My heart is so full.

“The” Proposal on December 17, 1994: Brett filled apartment with colored balloons and attached a candy store ring to each balloon. Popped out of life-size box to present the real ring. Jamaica Beach Wedding/Honeymoon September 1995.

  • Proposal_1994_1.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_2.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_3.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_4.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_5.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_6.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_7.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_8.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_10.jpg
  • Proposal_1994_11.jpg
  • Jamaica-Beach-Wedding_1995_1.jpg
  • Jamaica-Beach-Wedding_1995_2.jpg


The Re-Proposal: Filling the studio with white balloons and a photo from past 19 years attached to each balloon.

  • Reproposal_2014_7.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_1.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_2.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_3.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_4.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_5.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_8.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_9.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_10.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_11.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_12.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_13.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_14.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_16.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_17.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_18.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_19.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_20.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_21.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_23.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_29.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_32.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_33.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_34.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_35.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_36.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_37.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_38.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_39.jpg
  • Reproposal_2014_41.jpg

Renewal Ceremony December 31, 2014. “Just re-Married!” on Henry Beach in Santa Barbara, CA. Kellen and Blake officiating.

  • Renew-Ceremony-1.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-3.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-6.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-8.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-9.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-10.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-11.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-12.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-13.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-16.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-17.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-card-1.jpg
  • Renew-Ceremony-4.jpg



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