Santa and Rudolf CAN Find You at a Hotel

December 30, 2014 • Life • Views: 1887

Goleta, CA 

Christmas Eve – Experience #15

– Sunset on the beach

– Visit from Rudolf on xmas eve delivering PJ’s

– Watched “Elf” (a family tradition)

– Had the log fire on CW TV station while wrapping gifts in tinfoil. Why tinfoil?? Our family had watched a comedy skit of James Corden using tinfoil to wrap his Christmas gifts and fell out laughing. “No tape needed, you just scrunch and done.” So we decided to follow suit this year. The clean up was so quick and just one small ball of recyclable tinfoil remained after the opening of gifts. Don’t be surprised if a gift from us comes wrapped in tinfoil! 🙂

Christmas Day – Experience #16

– Family photo on “the stairs” and since we were in a hotel for the first time for christmas, we thought we would do an “elevator” photo as well

– Santa found the hotel room 🙂

– Boogie Boards left under the tree in the hotel Lobby. Kellen and Blake were amazed as they walked down to breakfast in the cafe after opening some small gifts from Santa in the hotel room to find under the hotel lobby tree boogie boards with their names on it.

– Played  99 with KING SIZE playing cards at the cafe

– Went to the beach to try out the boogie boards…kind of chilly, but, the boys just had to try out the boards on Christmas day!

– Met a wonderful gentleman, Wayne Elkin, who was in the lobby watching the boys discover their presents under the tree and said…”this is like a movie…is this for real or is this a set up?” Check out Wayne’s site.

We had an incredible, simple, fun Christmas Eve and Day. Spreading out our adventure gifts throughout the entire month of December instead of all on the 25th has been exceptional! More to come…still a few more days until the new year begins.

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