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February 11, 2015 • Education, Life • Views: 2100

I am in the 2nd grade and I am very lucky to be on a 10-week trop around the world. Do you ever wonder what we do for our school while we travel? We get asked about this all the time from people we meet. Well, I’ll tell you.

First, we wake up and have a good breakfast, usually oatmeal and fruit that we make in our hotel room. Except when we are out of milk or oatmeal, we have cold cereal or something else. We do our math every morning online at MobyMax. It is a website that has lots of math and activities and our teachers can view our progress. For Language Arts, we journal blog posts like the one I am writing right now, and we like to write our own books. We also read books every day and we do real cool things for science wherever we are when we are traveling. Kellen and I love filming videos of ourselves doing projects every day for an app called DIY for kids. We do five or more post of those a day. We like to do our school work first thing in the morning so we can adventure the rest of the day. At night, we like to practice our music. I play ukulele or piano and my brother Kellen, plays guitar. We like to do that on the beach or on the lanai (that is kind of like a patio).

Now you may be thinking, yeah, I got that, but what do we do to stay in touch with our class? Well, I will tell you that too. We email them and they do it back to us. They might think that we are getting extra time off from school, but we’re not. Not even close. Just right now, I am working on a writing thing for learning Hawaiian language and learning ukulele with my family. So, watch out for that video.

The best part is, that our teachers let us be out of our school for 10 weeks! And we can be on this amazing travel with my family and still be a part of the school.

See you guys, hope to catch ya later,

Blake The Piano Kid

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  1. Corina says:

    This is so awesome Blake! We are anxious for more posts about your adventures! Have fun … and keep working hard! – Corina at All Points

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