Trouble in Paradise

February 2, 2015 • Life • Views: 1852

Day 1 on Maui = Bliss

Day 2 and 3…not so much

On day 2, Brett woke up very sick. He could not even sit up. My man of steel has a stomach of steel, so when he gets a bug that wipes him out, it’s a major deal. He is like the guy on a recent TV commercial that says “Dads don’t take sick days.” It is extremely rare that anything takes Brett down for the count completely.

We had scheduled to film at the beach. We usually get to a location, and when possible, scout it out the day before to decide what workout we want to try and film for our awesome FFR (FitFamilyRobinson) community and make available for free on our youtube channel. We had done a fun ocean wave workout on our first day in Maui and thought it would be cool to get the GoPro out to film it on Day 2.

With Brett not feeling well, we moved into care taking mode. No filming today. Road to Hana or getting to Haleakala for a sunrise tour early the next morning would also need to be re-evaluated. By 5pm, he was just barely able to stand up. It had been a rough day, but he was now feeling on the mend. On a funny note, Blake said to me, “How much money did Dad make?” (you may recall my post from last year about Blake titled “Buck a Barf, a Mom’s Story” that explains more).

Day 3 Brett woke up and announced he was “100%.” Such good news! And with no one else in the family feeling sick, I was hopeful that the rest of us would escape this illness.

Our sunny days were gone and it was a downpour outside. With it being a warm rain we decided to film a workout at the pool before we had to check out at noon. We had a blast! It was fun to play in the rain and do underwater shooting with the GoPro. Going with the flow and bam, it all comes together. Links for the new workout will be emailed out to our blog subscribers. (You can go to the blog www.fitfamilyrobinson and enter your email to subscribe and get our weekly newsletter with Workout of the Week, Tips, Updates and Links.)

After filming, we start to pack up and get ready to move locations. With our rental car, it became a hilarious game of trying to pack luggage, people, boogie boards, instruments and all the food. Total clown car. Brett just kept packing and re-packing until we were all wedged in and ready to go. Nobody breathe! Brett is a packing genius. 🙂


We travel about an hour to Kaanapali and unload at our new digs. As we get to the room and I start putting groceries away, I realize that looking at food is making me ill. I pray I am not getting sick. I immediately try alternative methods and “talk” my body out of getting ill, trying to tell myself I am simply car sick from the drive here. But, it does not work, within the hour it is apparent I have the same stomach flu as Brett. I am grateful I at least made it to our new location before it came on and did not get ill during our transport.

It’s a rough rest of the day. Glad that my illness is not keeping everyone from the beach, because the Superbowl is on and we would be inside watching anyway. There are pros and cons to knowing what Brett went through, if it hits me the same it will be a tough row ahead, but knowing he was feeling better in a day gives me hope.

Standing up is out of the question, so I make a bed on the floor and have a sleepless night. By 10am, I am over what seems to be the worst. I am beyond dehydrated. My awesome hubby runs to the store to get me items for the one drink that sounds enticing. Club soda mixed with real grapefruit and real pomegranate juice. On Hawaii, real juice, means real expensive. It’s out of our budget, but my sweetheart gets me what I am craving.

Silver lining…being under the weather gives me time to catch up on my blog posting. It can be hard to fit it all in. I guess I could simply write about all the wonderful, sparkly, fun things that happen to us while on this trip. Keep it a warm and fuzzy travel blog. However when we set out to do this trip, we said we’d share the good and the bad. We are a real family, having real experiences.

Now, my heart is praying that my sweet boys do not get this flu bug. Please keep us in your thoughts. Please know what a comfort it is to read your comments and “likes” as we journey on. It lifts my family up to hear from you all. The support of the community we have online is a wonderful connecting lifeline to home. And man, when you get ill, it’s a time feeling homesick can come into play. We appreciate you all greatly.

To end on a light note, here is a photo of from yesterday, happy and ready to jump outside into the downpour at the pool to shoot a fun core workout for you all.


Be watching for the workout video to be announced in the weekly newsletter!



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