Where To Next?!?

April 27, 2015 • Destinations, Life • Views: 1927

We have unpacked, done more loads of laundry than we can count, and continue to try settling in…even got a lovely “welcome home” summons to jury duty upon my return. Well, hello USA.

Yet…since we walked into our house after our trip, we all keep looking at each other saying “Where to next!?!”

My 8 yr old said it best on the night we returned. He was sitting next to me on the plane as we descended towards Salt Lake City airport, the final leg of an epic 30 hour homeward bound trip. Which, by the way, included him calmly “tossing his cookies” on the flight from Auckland to LAX from being airsick (we learned he can not sit in the middle seats of a big plane. Yikes!)

I mean, here was my little guy, tired and exhausted, experiencing airsickness, and at the same time excited about coming home, wanting to see family and friends, and his fingers itching to play his home piano (which he immediately did as soon as we walked exhausted in the door).

In the midst of all that emotion, with only a few minutes till touch down, Blake grabbed my hand saying (and I quote)

“This is the biggest, the best, but not last journey we will take. Once we get home, I can’t imagine not planning another trip like this…after a break that is.”

So true Blakey! We are inspired to have more amazing adventures and can’t wait to take up all the wonderful invites to stay with more families around the world including Brazil, Europe, Japan, and Mexico. But first, yes, we do need a break and time to digest all the amazing experiences and lessons learned on our 10-week trip. For now, we look forward to having time to compile more of our trip information so it can be shared to help other people wanting to take their own Fit Family Robinson adventure!

We love how many people, some we have never met before, have randomly approached us since our return to tell us they follow our blog and have been inspired to take action to plan their own adventures. They are no longer waiting for the “perfect” time since they realize there is no perfect time…it’s time to just do it! Many have added New Zealand and Australia to their MUST SEE bucket list and are wanting more advice (which we will continue to post). It’s quite incredible!

Happy Travels Everyone!

Here’s to planning your own Fit Family Robinson Adventures!!

We want to hear about them. 🙂

Photo: Cape Reinga, the very northern tip of the North Island, New Zealand. Where you can physically see two mighty seas coming together. The wind is very strong. The boys and I are practicing our flying skills. Here We Go!!

Where to Next photo

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