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July 9, 2014 • Fitness, Life • Views: 2609

I took the best Fusion Yoga class ever with my amazing friend, Tiffany Rhodes-Friedman. Now THAT’S how you teach a yoga class “Miss-On-The-Cover-Of-LA-Yoga-Magazine.” 

I got to visit my sweet friend and take her class at Haute Yogi Manhattan Beach. GO TRY HER CLASS!! The class had many similarities to my Dancer’s Body Foundation Flexibility…I felt at home….SOOOO HAPPY and SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEATY!!

Having a wonderful instructor makes all the difference in the world. I loved experiencing fun, happy yoga that kicks your booty. I am already planning when I can get back to hang at the beach with such an awesome, inspirational friend and her cute family!

Tiffany is glowing and busting her way with all her heart, positivity, and strength through her battle with breast cancer. Not sure how it is possible, but she is lifting us all up along her ride. Check out the beautiful article:

At the end of our fun evening together, she said to a friend in her nonchalant way, “By the way, I won’t be teaching yoga tomorrow, I have chemo. But, I will be teaching a double on Thursday!”

Tiffany…you amaze me. Here’s to an awesome “getting rid of sucky cancer” day.

Sending love and hugs. I’m ready for our paths to cross again soon, soon, soon!!


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