We can’t do it alone. And we don’t want to do it alone. Our journey as the Fit Family Robinson only happens because so many of you have helped us along the way. You are our Tribe.

This would be easy if we had unlimited resources to travel where we please. That’s not us. We’re a typical family, and we have to get creative finding ways to bring free fitness to families while traveling and educating our kids. That’s where the Tribe come in. Thanks to all the following who have given their time, or offered accommodations, donated miles, or contributed funds to the cause.

We love you!

Acord Family – USA (Utah)
Simons Family – USA (Utah)
Bailey Family – USA (Utah)
Young Family – USA (Hawaii)
Saint Andrew’s Priory – USA (Hawaii)
Hullinger Family – USA (Idaho)
Summit Academy – USA (Utah)
Kathy Squires – USA (Utah)
Karen Squires – USA (Utah)
Robb Family – NEW ZEALAND
Munro Family – NEW ZEALAND
Wilson Family – NEW ZEALAND
Shearer Family – NEW ZEALAND
Draper Family – NEW ZEALAND
Anderson Family – NEW ZEALAND
Clark Family – NEW ZEALAND
Stott Family – NEW ZEALAND
Maddocks Family – AUSTRALIA (Sunshine Coast)
Moses Family – USA (California)
Allen Family – USA (California)
Willies Family – USA (California)
Ginanni Family – USA (California)
Bracken Family – USA (Montana)
Blokker Family – USA (Arizona & Washington)
Carroll Family – USA (Oregon)

4 Responses to Tribe

  1. Colin Maddocks says:

    FFR – loved reviewing your web page. All consistent with your base life philosophies..

  2. Kim Osborne says:

    It was wonderful to meet you all and all the very best for your endeavours. What an amazing initiative you have undertaken. I will follow you all with much interest:)

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